The Postle Construction Team

The foundation of Postle Construction’s success is built upon the quality character of our team, their commitment to achieving the highest levels of craftsmanship and ensuring our customer’s expectations are not simply met, but exceeded.


Our commitment to developing a team of the highest quality tradespeople begins with finding great, hard-working people and encouraging their professional development.

We work closely with the ITA (Industry Training Authority), rewarding our team members to consistently improve their trade-skills through committing to Red Seal and IP programs.

Our focus on trade-development is evidenced by our track-record of supporting our employee’s development. In fact, a majority of our employees have completed, or are currently involved in completing their apprenticeships.


Each and every member of the team is highly valued, encouraged to provide input on their projects while taking ownership and pride in their work.

You can rest assured that each and every member of the Postle Construction team is personally committed to achieving the highest quality for your project.

We can proudly state that the Postle Construction team is comprised of some of the most talented, hardworking, and overall exceptional individuals in Vancouver.

I am extremely proud of our team and every day that I’m onsite or off, I feel great pride in what we’ve created and greatly appreciate the hard work and dedication each employee provides on a daily basis.
— Nick Postle

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